Should Celebrities, such as Nicole Scherzinger and Geri Haliwell, Keep Quiet About Their Eating Disorders?… Today’s Debate

With new figures revealing that hospitals are treating a record number of patients suffering from eating disorders, more celebrities are coming out of the closet to confess to their own ‘issues‘.

Apparently, admissions for conditions such as anorexia and bulimia rose to 2,290 in the past year, a rise of 16 per cent on the previous 12 months, with children and teens accounting for 55 per cent of the total. The biggest number of hospital admissions were for 15-year-old girls.

To illustrate the story, the newspapers have all run with pictures of X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, who has recently confessed to having battled with bulimia for eight years. She joins a host of other celebrities who have also come clean on their eating disorders, including Geri Haliwell, Nicole Richie and Christina Ricci, to name but a few.

At w&h, we do wish all these celebs would just shut-up!!!

With the utterly gorgeous Nicole currently on air every week and being a key role model for teen girls, it would be really helpful if she could just keep her mouth shut on the food front! While she might feel she is being helpful by highlighting the issue, in fact, she could actually be encouraging impressionable young women to try their own unhealthy eating rituals in a bid to emulate her. After all, which teen wouldn’t absolutely love to look like her?

And the same goes for all the others… Geri, you look fab, so please don’t tell us how binge eating and bulimia have got you where you are today – even if you’re trying to help!

It really is time for us to find a new way of addressing this worrying problem and we can’t help feeling the well intentioned ‘recovering’ celebrities aren’t part of the solution.

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