Ruth Langsford recalls the terrifying moment she thought an intruder had broke into her home

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  • On Tuesday's episode of Loose Women, Ruth Langsford reflected on a scary moment where she thought someone had broken into her Surrey home.

    She and her fellow panellists were discussing moments that they have been left terrified by crime, following the news that Michael McIntyre was mugged by armed robbers in Hampstead, London.

    It was then that Ruth opened up about the moment, 14 years ago, that her home security alarm went off while she was sleeping.

    The 58-year-old revealed that she and her then baby son Jack were alone at the families £3.25 million mansion, as husband Eamonn was away for the weekend.

    Ruth shared, “Eamonn was away one weekend and the alarm went off at two in the morning. I leapt out of bed and my first thought was Jack who was across the landing. I ran over to his room – he was asleep – he was a baby.

    “And then I was thinking ‘I don’t know what to do, is someone in the house?'”

    The presenter continued, saying how she was convinced that someone had broken into her six-bedroom home – which is actually located in a private development. Ruth also shared that the incident also forced her to get extra security.

    She said, “I remember looking over the landing down into the hall and thinking any minute I am going to see someone coming out of the kitchen. You have your heart racing and your blood rushing.

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    “It turns out there was nobody in the house, but after that I got extra locks that lead into any rooms in the hall.”

    Ruth has previously spoken about her love for the Surrey village, Weybridge, that she calls home, revealing the mix of town and country attracted her and Eamonn to the area.

    She told SurreyLife, “I really love it here. Weybridge has got a nice atmosphere; it’s not tiny like a village, but it’s small enough to get to know people in the shops – I was just having a chat with the lady in Waitrose earlier.

    “And, of course, it’s near London for work, and the motorways, and yet it’s quite rural. If we moved now, it would be to change house, not location.”

    The popular TV star also shared with Hello! that she enjoys the freedom of living in a smaller rural town, rather than under the glaring spotlights of London.

    She said, “I can walk around the high street and I don’t have to have my make-up on and people see me in my gym kit and on the school run, so it’s nothing special to them. You don’t feel like you are in a goldfish bowl here.”

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