Ruth Langsford Forced To Apologise TWICE Live On Air

There is rarely a dull moment during ITV’s daytime chat show, Loose Women. From heated debates to technical errors, the panellists always have to respond to the situation at hand and yesterday was no different for Ruth Langsford.

Ruth was taking a break from Strictly rehearsals for her stint on the show and one guest caused quite the stir…

TV Chef Gino D’Acampo joined the panel and was a little loose-lipped during his interview.

His cheeky jokes forced Ruth to apologise twice while live on air as they could have been deemed a little inappropriate.

The panel were discussing Mick Jagger’s new girlfriend who is 52 years younger than him. When Gino was asked what he thought about the new relationship he said: “First of all I think he should have changed his name, it would be proper to call him ‘Mick Shagger’ because anybody who can do that, can rock ‘n’ roll.”

Ruth was visibly surprised by Gino’s choice of language and immediately said, “I’m not sure if I’m supposed to apologise for that but I will. We do apologise if anyone is offended by that word.”

As the show went on Gino’s commentary became even cheekier. This time the whole Loose Women panel were left shocked and in fits of laugher.

Gino had been asked why he decided to ditch his facial hair but the panel could not have predicted his reply.

He said: “It went straight down there. When I say down there, my wife said, ‘If you don’t shave, I won’t shave the bush.’ It kind of went a bit wild down there. It was like Velcro.”

For the second time Ruth apologised but this time for the whole discussion for extra precaution.

She said, “A generic apology for anything in that chat that might have offended you out there. These are not the views of Loose Women or ITV, just our lovely guest Gino D’Acampo.”