Ruth Langsford Comes Under Fire For Controversial Video That Has Divided Fans

Ever since it was announced that she’d be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, it’s been clear that Ruth Langsford couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity.

When the news was revealed, she admitted, “I have dreamt about doing Strictly for so long, I can’t quite believe my dream has come true!”

And even when rehearsals kicked off and Ruth admitted she was finding them harder than anticipated, she still maintained that she was thrilled about the adventure, saying, “It [training] was such fun. I met everybody else, it was really exciting. The dancers are all lovely. The team and the crew are all lovely and I just feel very comfortable, even though I was rubbish!

Ruth has been taking her Strictly training so seriously, that she’s even taken to practising at home during her time off.

However, the popular TV presenter has unfortunately come under fire for a video showing her practising her Strictly moves with her beloved family dog Maggie.

The video, posted to Ruth’s social media accounts, shows the This Morning host holding up her dog’s two front legs as though dancing with her, and moving her across the floor before planting a kiss on her nose.


Ruth captioned the video, “My Maggie helping me break my dancing shoes in…def more poise & grace than me!! @bbcstrictly #maggie #rescuedog #dogstrust #dancing #shoes”

However, despite Ruth’s best intentions, the video divided her followers, and she’s come under fire for the video, with some fans blasting the post as “cruel” to the dog. 

While most of her followers appeared to love the post, some fans took to Twitter to criticise Ruth for the 20-second video, arguing that holding Maggie up in this way could be causing her to feel uncomfortable.

One fan wrote, “Noooo please put her down. This puts way too much pressure on her hips and spine “

While another Twitter user commented, “Or how about not pull your dog about? Even they don’t seem bothered it’s not very nice.”

Another disturbed follower wrote on the post saying that the dog was only “going along with it to please you.”, before pleading with Ruth to “Stop being ridiculous”.




However, despite the wave of negative comments, the post did garner a stream of positive reactions too, with fans commenting on how cute the video was, while others joked about Maggie’s superior dancing abilities.

One fan wrote, “OMG that is so adorable! #StrictlyComeDancing xx”


While another commented “Maggie has got 10/10 from me xx”

Fans continuted to post positive comments to the video…




Ruth herself hasn’t yet commented on the controversy her video has attracted, but we’re sure that whatever the case, Ruth wouldn’t ever distress her dog intentionally.

Both Ruth and husband Eamonn have been patrons of the Dogs Trust ever 2011, and have been open about their love for their canine companion since bringing their beloved dog Maggie home in 2011. Speaking about how much the border-collie cross has become a part of the family, Ruth admitted in the past “Now I can’t imagine life without her.”

She continued to joke, “I always thought dog people were a bit bonkers. Now I’m the kind of person who wraps her Christmas presents and she even had her own stocking. She is part of the family.”

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