Why Ruth Langsford Is Worried She’ll Upset Anton Fans

She’s just started off on her Strictly Come Dancing journey, with the weekend’s live show taking place this past weekend. But already Ruth Langsford has admitted to feeling panicked about how Anton Du Beke’s fans might perceive her.

She and Anton, one of the show’s most popular dancers, were paired up on the launch show over two weeks ago, and since then, have been training hard to prepare for the very first live show.

Ruth regularly post updates of hers and Anton’s journey on her social media. And her regular video messages seem to be chronicling just how tricky she’s finding picking up the steps.

She’s also mentioned most recently that she still can’t quite remember the steps to the Waltz, the dance she’s set to perform with Anton on Saturday night’s live show.

But despite that, Ruth has revealed that another big worry is plaguing her ahead of her Strictly debut. According to the This Morning presenter, she’s terrified that she’s going to anger Anton Du Beke’s huge fan base by getting them both kicked off in the very first week.


She told Metro that she felt a huge “responsibility” for her professional partner, saying ,”I feel a huge responsibility for Anton, he’s so popular that I think people will be voting for Anton more than me.

“He’s an institution and people love him. If I go out first Anton goes and people will be really cross with me.

Ruth also admitted that if she were to be booted out in the first week, she would undeniably feel disappointed.

“Every single one of us would be lying if we didn’t say I don’t want to go out first,”, she continued,

“Who wants to go out first? On the night I’m sure whoever goes first we’ll all be saying ‘oh that’s awful’ but secretly saying “thank goodness that wasn’t me.” 

But despite her fears, she’s clearly remaining upbeat about the challenge, and will be content if she is voted out in the first week. Ruth said, “Without sounding like a cliche, if it is me, it’s me, I will still have enjoyed it.

“From the day I started on the show it has been really exciting, really enjoyable, a bit scary – and if that ends for me in the second week then so be it.”

Speaking about being paired with Anton, Ruth did however admit that she couldn’t have asked for a better partner, in her eyes.

She confessed, “I’m very excited I’ve been partnered with him.

“I would have been happy with any of the male dancers because they’re all amazing but I’ve always had a soft spot for Anton, he is a Strictly legend I think so I’ve hit the jackpot as far as I’m concerned. He’s a fabulous dancer, a very good teacher and really patient.”