Could The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Be Moving Back To London?

It’s rumoured that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have put down Prince George’s name to attend London pre-prep school Wetherby for the next academic year.

The young prince currently attends Westacre Montessori School Nursery in Norfolk. However, if George did go on to Wetherby, this suggests that the Cambridge’s will relocate from their home Amner Hall in Norfolk to Kensington Palace in London, which is just half a mile from the all-boys school. It could also explain why Catherine took out a £4.5 million refurbishment for Kensington Palace in 2014.

Expect George to wear a red tie, grey cap and scarlett-trimmed blazer like his father and Uncle Harry, who attended the school before leaving for Ludgrove prep.

Wetherby prep costs £6,500 a term, around double the cost of Westacre Montessori Nursery, which charges £33 a day.

George’s Norfolk education is a world away from the schooling his family received. Princes William and Harry first attended Jane Mynors nursery school in west London, before going on to the nearby Wetherby School. They both went on to attend Eton College in Windsor. George’s mum Catherine had a rather more interesting education, and went to an English-language nursery school in Amman, Jordan, while her parents Michael and Carole were working in the Middle East as a flight dispatcher an air hostess respectively.

Montessori nursery schools were devised by Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor who went on to establish schools for disadvantaged children, and monitored their progress to find what she believed was the most effective way of educating them. Montessori schools are based on the idea that children are happiest and learn best through practical, hands-on experience rather than learning by rote.