Richard and Judy ‘ecstatic’ following happy family announcement

It's likely to be a very happy day in the Finnegan/Madeley household, as Richard and Judy's daughter Chloe has announced her engagement to her boyfriend of three-and-a-half years.

Chloe Madeley, 30, announced the happy news that she and her rugby player boyfriend James Haskell were engaged, with a new photoshoot in Hello! magazine.

Richard and Judy's daughter has been dating James, 33, for almost four years. The pair announced that they had become engaged on a recent romantic trip to Paris.

James and personal trainer Chloe chose to tell only four people initially - their parents.

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And it seems that TV pair Richard and Judy are delighted by the sweet news, with Chloe revealing, "They were ecstatic."

Sharing more details about the proposal in the interview, Chloe revealed that she was totally surprised by James.

She told how the pair were walking along in the sunshine on their French holiday, when he stopped her abruptly.

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Chloe explained, "He kissed me on the forehead and said, 'You do know how much I love you, don’t you? The last three and a half years have been the best years of my life.'

"I just thought he was being romantic because we were in Paris, so I replied, 'Oh babe, that’s so sweet.'

"But then he added, 'And you do know I want to marry you,' and started to get down on one knee. At first I thought he was joking. I was speechless and stared at him in disbelief. My first thought was, 'Oh my God, he has a ring!'"

James has previously spoken about what it was like to meet Chloe's famous parents for the first time - admitting it was easier than he thought.

He confessed, “It was a bit strange meeting Richard and Judy for the first time because - obviously they are TV legends, but they’ve been nothing but welcoming and lovely.”

The 33-year-old went on to reveal, “Judy’s lovely but Richard I have spent more time with.

“He’s taken a real interest in my career and is a great guy. But they both always give you the time of day, and will have a chat about anything.”

They sound like great in-laws!

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