Relive the most bizarre moments in Oscars history before this year's show

From wacky dress to falls, the Oscars never disappoint

Jennifer Lawrence , oscars
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The Oscars are right around the corner, and everyone's gearing up for the festivities. We're also preparing for a few awkward moments here and there—controversial dresses, awkward speeches, and so on.

Before the fun gets underway in Hollywood, relive some of the Academy Awards' best blunders for a few chuckles!

Adrien Brody in 2003

An Oscar win is quite an achievement, and Adrien Brody celebrated his victory with a passionate smooch on Halle Berry. She was practically gasping for air when their lips finally parted! 

Jennifer Lawrence in 2013

Jennifer Lawrence eagerly ventured towards the stage to accept the best actress award for her role in Silver Lining's Playbook...she just happened to miss a few steps on her way to the mic. 

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Björk in 2001

As if the Pejoski swan dress wasn't enough to turn heads, the singer decided to lay eggs on the red carpet as well. It certainly made for interesting photo ops!

Bjork at the arrivals at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

(Image credit: Mirek Towski/FilmMagic)

Cher in 1986

This iconic looks is, well...something. But truthfully, would you expect any less from Cher?

Portrait of Cher at the Oscars, wearing an outfit by Bob Mackie.

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John Travolta in 2014

It's safe to say it's best to read cue cards ahead of schedule. That way, you won't flub anyone's name. AHEM, John Travolta. 

Nicole Kidman in 2017

The internet had a field day when it caught a glimpse of Nicole Kidman's bizarre clap. (Turns out there was a method to the madness—she was attempting to keep her jewelry safe!)

Matt Stone & Trey Parker in 2000

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: Looks like the South Park creators nailed these famous red carpet looks, don't you think? 

Matt Stone & Trey Parker

(Image credit: SGranitz/WireImage)

Eminem in 2020

Guess who's back, back again, Shady's back. No one was prepared for Marshall Mathers' return at the 2020 Oscars. 

Warren Beaty in 2017

The winner is...La La Land! (But actually Moonlight.)

Robert Opel in 1974

The artist decided the red carpet event was the best time to go streaking. Yikes!

Oscars streaker

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Lizzy Gardiner in 1995

Lizzie Gardiner at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California

(Image credit: Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

 The starlet used 254 expired American Express Gold cards for her red carpet look. 

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