Reality TV – has it got you hooked?…Today’s Debate

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  • Right, let’s start with a confession…at w&h we have to admit it’s not the situation in the Middle East that sparks the biggest debate at the water cooler. Nor indeed is it good old British politics. Rather it’s whatever the latest reality TV shows are that really gets tongues wagging!

    And the current crop are no exception. After all, this weekend there were no less than three shows vying for our attention: Celebrity Big Brother (though the word ‘celebrity’ is rather a loose term to describe some of the contenders!); Dancing on Ice and new show Splash! which is aiming to turn various famous faces into diving sensations under the guidance of bronze-medal-winning Tom Daley.

    There are those in the w&h office who talk daily about how excruciating Celebrity Big Brother is to watch – and yet, they confess, they just can’t help themselves and switch it on… And there are others who equally say how painful-but-compelling it is to watch the assorted hopefuls try to ice skate like the professionals (anyone see Pamela Anderson’s wardrobe malfunction at the weekend?)

    New show Splash! is the one that’s currently winning in the popularity stakes, though. Despite the mixed reaction from TV pundits, the consensus here is that it’s really rather good and we felt quite inspired by the bravery of the celebs who are stepping on to the diving board on Saturday night. Helen Lederer particularly caught our attention and we were so disappointed to see her not make it through to the next round.

    What about you – a fan of any of the current crop of reality TV? And which of the shows do you reckon is best? Or do you turn off as soon as they come on air? Tell us in the comments box below or join the debate in our forums now…

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