Random Acts Of Kindness That Can Brighten Someone’s Day

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  • On a rainy day (come on, England!) it’s easy to get a little down in the dumps. Sometimes you can just have “one of those days” where everything seems to go wrong – the weather is miserable, you miss your train, you’ve got a splitting headache and your kids keep hassling you. If you take a look around, you might find that others are having that kind of day too – whether it is friends, family or even total strangers.

    But sometimes, all we need is a little pick-me-up that can completely turn our day around. It could be some reassurance from a friend, or a smile from a total stranger, and we can feel our day picking up!

    So why not be that person to make someone’s day?

    These little things you can do don’t require much effort, but they can really make a difference to someone’s mood. It also feels great to help others – meaning your own day will probably improve as an added bonus!

    Here are some examples of things you can do to brighten someone’s day – today!

    1. Send a lovely text to a friend, telling them how much they mean to you

    2. Put the bins out – even if it’s not your job!

    3. Leave a little bit of change in the self-service checkout machine; the next customer will love you!

    4. Ask a shop assistant how their day is going

    5. Give someone your parking ticket when you have an hour left – it makes no difference to you, but they are likely to be very grateful!

    6. If you get a ‘buy one get one free’ offer in a shop, give the free item to the homeless man sitting outside

    7. Tell a new mother that their child is beautiful

    8. Surprise a friend who is having a hard time with a bunch of flowers

    9. Repeat a compliment to a friend (“my daughter thought you were lovely!” – but never repeat anything negative)

    10. If someone looks stressed at work, make them a cup of tea without them having to ask (and get their sugar preferences right!)

     11. Tell a stranger if you love her dress

    12. Ring a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while – just to see how they are

    13. Say ‘hello’ to your bus driver, and then ‘thank you’ when you get off

    14. Let someone skip in front of you in a queue if they look like they’re in a rush

    15. Leave a bag of sweets on your children’s pillows for when they get home from school

    16. Offer to baby-sit for a friend if they need a break

    17. Hold a door open for someone

    18. Personally hand a waiter their tip and say ‘thank you’

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