Quordle hacks—how to crack the game four times harder than wordle

There are a variety of Quordle hacks to help you solve the newest Wordle alternative

Quordle hacks
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There are a number of Quordle hacks that can help when playing this Wordle spin-off. And given that Quordle is four times harder than a typical Wordle game, we're all ears!

From Quordle to Heardle, there are an astonishing number of Wordle alternatives that have gained popularity since Wordle became an internet craze. While fans still love playing Wordle, the trickier game, Quordle has become more popular in recent months because players are loving the challenge posed by the difficult game.

In Quordle, players must solve four-word challenges simultaneously as they work to uncover which five-letter words are the answers in this game. This means that the game is significantly harder than you're average game of Worlde and even with all the Wordle tips, and Wordle hacks, players can still be dumbfounded when applying Worlde logic to Quordle.

So how can you improve at Quordle? Here are some tips we think may help...


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Beware of double letters

One of the Quordle hacks that's most commonly recommended by players is to not rule out a letter that is already partially yellow or green. Letters can appear more than once and often the instinct will be to ignore that letter once it has already appeared, but double letters are always an unfriendly possibility.

Pick strategic Wordle starter words

One Quordle player shared another unique tip on Twitter. The player encouraged Quordle fans to make their first guesses words that allowed all four vowels and four common consonants to appear in the grid.

"Quordle coaching tip: Finished today with two guesses to spare. It’s a strategy I developed playing Octordle. First two guesses using two three vowel starter words which include all six vowels and four common consonants will increase your odds of solving all of the words," said the Twitter user.

An example of this in practice is that players could use the words 'adieu and shout' as their first guesses and find out where all the vowels are placed and where some common letters such as 'd, s, h, and t were placed in the grid.


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Eliminate letters

As players have just nine chances to solve four word challenges sometimes it's a good tip to guess words that you know are not correct, just so that you can eliminate some letters. 

This means that often it is best to guess a word that doesn't fit in the sequence but does narrow down the possible letters that could be used. For example, if you know the last four letters of a word are 'ound' you don't want to spend time guessing, mound, pound, sound, and round. It is better instead to guess a word such as ramps and you can see which letter turns yellow and fits into the word, without wasting all of your guesses. 


Practice is another good hack to improve your Quordle skills. Quordle has a practice option as well as a daily option that allows players to improve their skills with practice rounds and develop their own strategies for solving this word challenge.

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