Princess Charlotte Has Received A Surprising Honour At The Tender Age Of 2

She celebrated her second birthday in May, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s young daughter Princess Charlotte has already received an unexpected honour to add to her list of accolades.

Charlotte may be just about to start nursery, but it seems she’s already got her foot in the door of a pub in Colchester, Essex – which has just been named after her.

The ‘Princess Charlotte’ opened in December, and is the first establishment of its kind to be named after the little royal. The pub is part of McMullen Breweries, based in Hertfordshire.

On their website, manager Martin wrote, /A brand new development for McMullen and already a big favourite, and the first pub anywhere to be named after William & Kate’s second child.

‘We are now open, and our team is already excited to be a huge part of the Colchester community.’

And it turns out, it’s not actually the first time the pub chain have named one of their pubs after members of the royal family.

Princess Charlotte actually follows in the footsteps of her older sibling Prince George, who had a pub in Milton Keynes named after him in 2014.

(The Princess Charlotte pub – credit: McMullen Brewery)

The Duchess of Cambridge has also received a similar honour in 2011, to mark her wedding to Prince William. The chain opened The Duchess of Cambridge pub in Windsor following the royal wedding, stating, ‘the name and the decoration of the pub was inspired by the famous Royal Wedding of our Windsor neighbours.’

An inside look at the pub suggest a cosy, modern interior, while the menu shows the pub’s classic traditional British fare, that would likely sit well with the royals themselves.

But have the Cambridge’s themselves been in to visit? Speaking to People magazine, managing director of McMullen, Heydon Mizon, explained…

“We haven’t sent an invite, but we would like to think that all of our guests are treated like royalty.”