Prince Harry’s Adorable Chat With Young Girl

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  • The Invictus Games is one of Prince Harry’s most admired achievements – it’s an organisation he’s created from the get-go, and still champions every step of the way as Patron.

    Harry continued in his duties with the organisation recently, when he went to meet the UK team for this year’s games. And whilst there, the prince met one little girl who couldn’t quite believe her luck.

    Prince Harry greeted the men and women who will compete in the British team for this year’s games in Toronto, where over 550 athletes from 17 countries will compete in 12 different sports.

    One of these women was 38-year-old RAF Sergeant Michelle Turner – who was accompanied by her adorable 6-year-old daughter Maya.

    Michelle suffers from a heart condition which causes her dizziness and regular fainting episodes, but will compete in the swimming and rowing teams when the games take place in July.

    And little Maya took it upon herself to thank the Invictus team for choosing her mother to take part, by reading out her handwritten letter to Prince Harry right in front of the royal himself.

    She was hestiant to hand over the letter at first, but eventually gifted Harry the note, which was adorably decorated with a drawing of the United Kingdom flag.

    Her letter read, “I was very proud of mummy and every other brave boy and girl.


    “Thank you Help For Heroes, and Prince Harry for helping my mummy and her friends.”

    She also left the room in hysterics when she said, “PS. I hope I have my two front teeth for Toronto”.

    Prince Harry later told the men and women, “No matter how you are going to do I promise you that you will feel a million dollars. Whether you cross the finishing line first or last will make no difference to me or to anyone.

    “It’s in our blood to win, it’s in our nature to win. [but] Whether you are blowing smoke out of your arse as your cross the line makes no difference.

    “It is what you are achieving, what you have achieved to get there.”

    Another athlete shared his story with Prince Harry, telling him how the Invictus Games has given him a chance to be a part of a military family again.

    The royal, who of course spent 8 years in the Army and was even drafted out to Afghanistan admitted, “This is my fix, too, you know.”

    The Prince also revealed that he still misses his life in the military and the comrarderie he shared with his fellow army friends. He said, “I’ve left the forces as well now and I miss everything about it. Well, not quite everything about it, but it’s an opportunity to be with like-minded people, to share that dark sense of humour that we all love, and just be amongst each other.”

    Speaking again to the athletes at the event, he said, “And for you is an opportunity to be part of a team and represent your country.”

    On the same day the Prince also hosted a garden party at Buckingham Palace, for injured and ill service personnel and veterans.


    It was the very first time the prince has been permitted to host his very own Garden Party – a territory usually reserved for the Queen. But given Prince Philips recent retirement, it’s becoming clear the younger royals are stepping up to take on more duties.

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