Is Prince Harry Moving Girlfriend Meghan In To Kensington Palace?

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  • They’ve been together since the summer of 2016, and apparently, Prince Harry is keen to take his relationship with girlfriend Meghan Markle to the next level – and soon.

    According to the Daily Mail, the Prince is renovating a wing of Kensington Palace, in order to get it just right for he and Meghan to move in to. And apparently the 32-year-old Prince is keen to get things moving as soon as possible, reportedly checking up on the renovations constantly. The news comes following rumours that Meghan met Harry’s grandmother, the Queen, on Mother’s Day.

    A source told the Daily Mail, “He seems in a real hurry to move in with
    Meghan. He keeps popping around and asking when it will be ready.”

    Currently, Harry resides in the two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage, a separate living space within the grounds of Kensington Palace. But if these rumours are anything to go by, he’s keen to make it serious with Meghan, and move in to a bigger apartment within the palace.

    This would be the first time the couple have lived together, although Meghan has been spotted visiting the Prince at the royal residence a couple of times since they got together in September 2016. Prince Harry’s current living quarters has previously been named ‘the royal bedsit’, given it’s relatively small size in comparison to the rest of the apartments in Kensington Palace.

    According to the Daily Mail, a palace spokesman has declined to comment on Prince Harry’s new apartment, stating that it is a “private matter”.

    And reportedly, the new apartment being prepared for Meghan and Harry will be much closer to William and Catherine’s refurbished Apartment 1A, which the couple are planning to move into with their two young children later this year. Previously, the Duke and Duchess lived in Harry’s current abode, but moved into the bigger apartment when they were expecting Prince George.

    It’s also just been confirmed that Prince George will attend the £17,000 a year Thomas’s School in Battersea, South London, meaning it’s even more important that the family move in as soon as possible.

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