Behind-The-Scenes On Prince George’s First School Day: What It Takes To Get A Royal To School

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  • Prince George has now taken his very first step into the big wide world of primary school. The 4-year-old royal arrived at his brand new school, Thomas’s Battersea, on 7th September, nervously clutching his father’s hand.

    And we can’t quite get over how adorably nervous Prince George looks as he approaches the school gates!

    The royal and his father were greeted by head of lower school, Helen Haslem, who shook George’s
    tiny hand in greeting and held his hand as she escorted him and Prince William through the gates.

    The Duchess sadly couldn’t make the special occassion, given her severe morning sickness since announcing that she is pregnant with her third child.


    The pair were greeted hoards of media and photographers, and also eagerly awaiting fans, all desperate to catch a glimpse of the Prince on his way in to school.

    So what does it take to get the future King of England to school? Well of course, along with the royals, comes an escort of security detail.

    George and William were accompanied by a team of six police officers, while several plain clothes officers, armed with Tasers, mingled in between the crowds.

    The pair also had their own royal security officials with them too, although it is thought that Prince William drove George to school on his own.

    And, in order to protect the Prince and his arrival, half the school’s pupils were required to get into the building earlier this morning in order to clear the way for George’s entrance.

    Reportedly, the 560 pupils of the lower school, aged between four and 13, were escorted in before 8.35am, to clear the front of the school for George. He then arrived at 8.50am, down a side entrance, which was guarded by security.

    (Prince George school: The young royal being greeted by head Helen Haslam)

    Although the Duchess of Cambridge missed the school run this time around, the two royal parents will soon be taking it in turns to do the school run, as part of their plan to make things as normal as possible for George.

    But despite the fact that Thomas’s Battersea is just over three miles away from their Kensington Palace home, the drive to and from school could take them over an hour due to rush hour traffic. They better head off early!

    So what can George expect for his first few years at school? Well, lucky for him, he won’t have to do any homework until he reaches the age of seven. Thomas’s Battersea’s policy means that pupils aren’t assigned out-of-hours work until Year Four, meaning George will have plenty of time to spend with his family up until then.

    He’ll also be taking ballet lessons, which is compulsory for boys and girls at the £17,100 a year school until the age of seven. But these won’t be any ordinary lessons down at the local town hall. Whilst performing his best plie, George will be enjoying the sounds of a live pianist, who accompanies all of the lessons. Not bad!


    And despite his regal status, George categorically won’t be receiving any special treatment. Ben Thomas, principal of Thomas’s London Day Schools confirmed that he’ll just be like any other pupil, saying, “There won’t be any special treatment at all, that’s what his parents would like and what any parent would like.”

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