Has Piers Morgan just revealed he’s leaving Good Morning Britain?

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  • He's known for his controversial opinions on the ITV show, but will the TV host be leaving the show soon?

    Piers Morgan has been presenting Good Morning Britain for nearly three years now, and has created many headlines because of his views.

    But on Monday’s show, as he told his co-hosts Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins that his three year anniversary was nearing, he also added, “I never normally stick around for longer than around four years so make the most of it.”

    Piers signed a two year deal for the show in 2015, and then re-signed again last year. So does that mean he could potentially leave the show next year?

    Piers Morgan

    The outspoken star is one of the main attractions of the show, but the journalist and editor constantly lands himself in trouble because of his views. Earlier this month he commented on plus size model Tess Holliday, saying to her face, “You’re 5ft 3in and 300lbs, which as any doctor will confirm, is morbidly obese.

    “To promote that as a positive body image to help your millions of followers is dangerous, deluded nonsense. You need help, not praise.”

    Earlier this year Neil Thompson, editor of Good Morning Britain, revealed to Digital Spy, what would happen if the presenter did decide to leave. “Theoretically, we really hope he doesn’t leave. You build the show around people you’ve got.

    Piers Morgan

    “What’s really important is the show is an amazing show. It was amazing in 2014 when we launched it and it’s amazing today. It will always be an amazing show and we hope for as long as possible it’s an amazing show with Piers and Susanna.

    “If Piers was to leave then we would find somebody else who was also amazing. We wouldn’t go and look for someone who is like Piers, because Piers is unique.

    “We’d look for somebody else who is unique and typically a great journalist, who has great empathy for the world, and for what people think and care about, who is an articulate broadcaster, who thinks on their feet, who listens to the debate rather than just look at the questions they’ve been given by the producer in the order, and who has a personality.”

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