“I Won’t Be Back For A Long Time”: Piers Morgan Confirms Good Morning Britain Break

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  • He's as divisive as he is popular, but viewers won't be seeing Piers Morgan around for a while now.

    Love him or hate him, Piers Morgan has certainly proven popular with his role on Good Morning Britain.

    So fans will likely be disappointed to learn that the presenter is planning an extended break from the show for a while.

    Piers announced on Wednesday’s show that he will be absent from proceedings for some time. Why? Because he is soon to begin filming on the second series of his crime show, Serial Killer, in America.

    He revealed the news after Susanna poked fun at her co-host. She laughed, “You’re only happy because you’re going away for a short break.”

    Piers then shared with viewers, “Yes, I’m going to film more for my Serial Killer series.”

    He continued to reveal that he’d be gone for an indefinite amount of time.

    Pier said, “I won’t be back for a long time now so you can relax.”

    Last time Piers was filming his popular ITV series in the states, he was off of our screens for just over three weeks. So it’s likely that he’ll be gone for a similar period this time around.

    When Piers was off air previously, he was replaced by fellow ITV presenters Richard Madeley and Jeremy Kyle.

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    And while they proved popular, many fans were asking for Piers to come back to fill his seat.

    Speaking to Digital Spy, Piers has previously admitted that he enjoyed – and was surprised by – the attention.

    He admitted, “I actually enjoyed reading about ‘viewers demanding Morgan’s return’.

    “I loved it. I’ve never read anything like that in my life – ‘Britain misses Morgan.’ I thought it was great!

    He went on to share how he’d also spoken to Richard Madeley about his popularity with viewers.

    “I actually saw Richard Madeley in a restaurant the other day and we were laughing about it because he’s such a polarising figure, much like me. I told him, ‘Don’t worry – they do this to everyone.'”

    It’s not been confirmed who will be replacing Piers this time around, but viewers can tune in to next Monday’s episode to find out.

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