Sister Of Manchester Bomb Victim Gets 11 A* Grades In Exams Sat Just Days After Her Brothers Death

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  • Nikita Murray, the younger sister of Martyn Hett, one of 22 innocent people killed in the Manchester bombing in May, found out yesterday that she achieved 11 A* GCSE’s, after taking her exams just days after finding out about her brothers death.

    The teenager has been described as a “hero” for managing to sit her important exams while the rest of the family were still “completely numb” with the shock of losing Martyn so suddenly and devastatingly.

    Martyn was just 29 when he was killed along with 21 other innocent people after a homemade bomb was detonated at the end of a Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017.

    Nikita explained to the Press Association that she was already half way through her HCSE exams when her brother was killed in the atrocious attack.

    “When we didn’t know where [Martyn] was, I was just thinking that I should probably revise just in case we found him.

    “I thought if we did find out [he had died] I won’t end up doing it but, just in case we find out he’s fine and it’s a misunderstanding, I should probably revise.”

    Speaking of her decision to persevere with her exams in the wake of her and her family’s heartbreaking loss Nikita said, “I didn’t want to let what’s happened stop me. Martyn would want me to do it and do it well.”

    Following her incredible results, Nikita said that she hoped her brother would have been proud of her.

    “He’d be so happy, he’d be tweeting about it. He’d be more excited than I am,” she said.

    Her older brother Dan took to twitter in Martyn’s place to share the amazing news with people, calling his sister “the toughest person I have ever met”.

    “My little sister Nik is an actual hero. Skip back to the literal day after we found out about Martyn being killed” he wrote in a 10-part twitter thread.

    “We were obviously completely numb, fried, drained. We’d been through something absolutely unreal and were all trying to figure it out.”

    “I came downstairs, and Nik was sat on the stairs in full school uniform, tying her shoes. I couldn’t understand why.”

    “I didn’t even know what day it was at that point, it had been such a horrific few days.”

    “She was putting her shoes on so she could go and sit a bunch of GCSE’s. I was utterly amazed, floored.”

    Dan explained that Nikita’s school had offered to use Nikita’s predicted grades as her GCSE results in light of what had happened. However, determined to not let the horrific event stop her, she sat the exams anyway.

    “Under the most horrific conditions, after going through (and continuing to go through) it all, she didn’t skip a beat” Dan continued.

    “It was hands-down the toughest s**t I have ever seen. Sleeves rolled up, get it done. Nothing wasted despite it all. She got her results today. Eleven A* grades. I have never been more proud or amazed by anyone.”

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    “My kid sister is the toughest person I have ever met” he concluded. “Don’t mess with her. be inspired!”

    Head teacher Andrew Chicken said: “We are delighted for Nikita and her family. She has achieved exceptional results and her determination in the most distressing of circumstances is truly inspirational.

    “Nikita very much wanted to continue with her exams and we worked closely with her parents to support her in this.”