NHS Staff Quitting To Work In Supermarkets For ‘Better Pay’

It seems the situation for people working in the NHS is becoming more and more tricky by the day, with cuts to funding impacting most of those who work in hospitals and surgeries around the country.

The latest in a line of sad realities about the NHS – following on from the news that four counties in particular will suffer from cuts the most – is the revelation that NHS staff are quitting their jobs to take up completely different positions elsewhere – namely, in supermarkets.

Hospital bosses have recently warned that NHS staff are so demoralised by the job and working environment, that they’ve been forced to change careers, with many opting to work in supermarkets for more money. The bosses have said that NHS staff are utterly disheartened by continually receiving pay rises of as little as 1% or nothing, and so are jumping ship for a better, and more reliable income.

Chris Hopson, NHS Providers’ chief executive, spoke out against Theresa May’s plans to limit pay rises to just 1% until 2020, as a way of regaining some financial stability for the health service. He maintains that staff at the National Health Service are completely burning out, given that the demand for constant care is so huge. And he’s warned that limiting pay rises to just 1% would be catastrophic, in terms of retaining staff.

He said, “Years of pay restraint and stressful working conditions are taking their toll. Pay is becoming uncompetitive. Significant numbers of trusts say lower paid staff are leaving to stack shelves in supermarkets rather than carry on with the NHS.”

Chris continued, “Trust leaders tell us that seven years of NHS pay restraint is now preventing them from recruiting and retaining the staff they need to provide safe, high-quality patient care.

“The NHS can’t carry on failing to reflect the contribution of our staff through fair and competitive pay for five more years.

Amid the general election campaigns, Chris urged politicians to make their plans clear, saying “Pay restraint must end and politicians must therefore be clear about when during the lifetime of the next parliament it will happen and how.”

Conservative Helath secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that he would give more money to the NHS if his party are re-elected, and that nurses pay would go up. Labour have also maintained that they would increase taxes, in order to increase funds for the NHS.

The outcome of the campaign promises still, of course, remain to be seen.