News of Hurricane Sandy straight from New York

Space NK founder and friend of woman&home, Nicky Kinnaird, is currently in New York as the city prepares itself for one of the worst hurricane storms in history. Hurricane Sandy is due to hit the Big Apple later today and Nicky has given us a first-hand account of how the city is coping so far with the prospect of mass disruption.

‘I’ve got supplies and will be holed up in the apartment from later this morning. The city has pretty much shut down; Wall Street, schools, stores and public transport have all been closed. The transport system was closed at 9pm last night.

Lower Manhattan, around Ground Zero and Battery Park, has been evacuated as the authorities fear a storm surge of water,’ reports Nicky.

‘Christmas has come early for supermarkets with queues out the door and
round the block as New Yorkers stock up on bottled water and
non-perishable items. Coffee chains are shut but a small locally owned
and run French bakery is enjoying brisk trade and winning over many new
friends with their fighting spirit and excellent cafe au lait! Long live
the independent speciality traders..’

Nicky reveals: ‘It’s a weird atmosphere but we’ll be fine as long as the power doesn’t go down – in which case we will be truly grounded on the 15th floor – I am keeping all gadgets fully charged!’