PICS: New Dad’s Army Cast Member

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  • ‘Dad’s Army’ was our favourite comedy show of the seventies, so we were absolutely delighted when we heard that a new film, based on the original series was definitely in the works. Set to be released next month, the anticipation is certainly building. The film’s premiere took place on Tuesday night in Leicester Square, London, and new pictures of filming which have recently been unveiled revealed another cast member. Remember Bridget Jones’s imperious collegue Perpetua? Well, she’ll also be
    making an appearence, playing Mrs. Mainwearing, a previously off camera


    Also starring will be Catherine Zeta-Jones, who will rock fabulous forties
    fashion as she plays a glamorous journalist, sent to the fictional
    seaside town of Walmington-on-Sea to report on their Home Guard Platoon.
    The film also stars Toby Jones as Captain Mainwaring, Bill Nighy as
    Sargeant Wilson, Sir Michael Gambon as Godfrey, among other stars.

    The comedy war film will be set in 1944, after the events depicted in the series.

    The hilarious original TV series ran from 1968-1977 (with 80 episodes)
    and was a firm family favourite that we all loved. We hope this new film
    can live up to the legacy of the comedy series we all know and love!
    We’re expecting repeats of our favourite catchphrases (such as “you
    stupid boy!”) and belly-laughs aplenty.

    To get you in the mood for the new release, we give you 10 facts you didn’t know about the original ‘Dad’s Army’ series…


    1. Arthur Lowe (who played Captain Mainwaring) had a clause written into his contract that he would never have his trousers removed on the show.

    2. Private Pike (played by Ian Lavender) was based on writer Jimmy Perry’s real life experience as a teenager being molly-coddled by his mother.

    3. Outside scenes of the fictional town of Walmington were filmed in Thetford, Norfolk. Since 2007, a statue of Captain Mainwaring has sat on a bench by the Little Ouse river.

    4. Epsiodes of Dad’s Army have been kept on standby by the BBC as an emergency backup just in case a show goes off air. It happened in 2000 when the 6 o’clock news was hit by a power-cut.

    5. Dad’s Army attracted more than 18 million viewers at its peak during the seventies.

    6. David Croft had originally wanted the distinct animated opening credits to feature authentic newsreel footage from the war including rallies and bombing raids. As it was a comedy show, the controller of BBC1 is said to have disagreed.

    7. The cast recorded a road safety video in 1976.

    8. American channel ABC filmed a pilot in 1976 for their own version of Dad’s Army – but a full series was never commissioned.

    9. Three episodes from the second series remain lost to this day, as programme rolls took up valuable space in the sixties, so the BBC decided to bin many episodes of classic shows. Dad’s Army fared fairly well, considering lots of shows were lost!

    10. Clive Dunn, who played Corporal “Don’t Panic” Jones, scored a number 1 hit single in 1971 with “Grandad’.

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