The New BBC Cooking Show Set To Rival Channel 4’s Bake Off

It’s been a dramatic year or so for the nation’s favourite cookery programme, the Great British Bake Off. First, it was announced the show was moving to Channel 4, and then, it was revealed that it would only be taking one of it’s four presenters with it, Paul Hollywood.

But could a new BBC cooking show be set to rival Channel 4’s newly acquired Bake Off

The BBC has announced that its new series will sit in direct competition with Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off, called, The Big Family Cooking Showdown. And what’s more, former Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain has been revealed as the host of the new programme, alongside Zoe Ball.

This one won’t however specifically centre on baking, but will be about all cooking methods. Plus, the show will pit 16 different families against each other, rather than individual contestants. And Hussain and Ball won’t be the only two to host the show. Following in the Bake Off’s format to have four presenters/judges, The Big Family Cooking Showdown will also have chefs Rosemary Shrager and Giorgio Locatelli as their two judges.

Nadiya, who, since the Bake Off has carved out a successful career, with book deals and another BBC show, The Chronicles of Nadiya, has said “Family and food have always gone hand in hand and I’m looking forward to getting to know the recipes and traditions of the different families taking part.”

Nadiya also admitted that her experience on the Bake Off means that she’ll know exactly what the contestants are going through. She said “Having been through a food competition as an amateur cook myself, I know exactly how tough it can get and so I’ll be there for them, alongside Zoe, as the pressure really builds.”

The programme will be set both in the families homes and in the studios, and will eliminate a family a week, much like Bake Off. The show will run for twelve episodes, which will be an hour each.

Shrager, who regularly cooks on This Morning, has also revealed her excitement. She said, “It’s wonderful to be meeting families with their own recipes and to be judging good honest family food.”

“I’m hoping to be inspired and surprised by the dishes these families cook at home to put a smile on each other’s faces.”

The Big Family Cooking Showdown is set to air on BBC Two in late autumn.