Nadia Sawalha announces some shock 'pregnancy news'

On Monday, Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha took to her social media to share some surprising news with her followers.

The mum-of-two piqued the suspicions of her fans, as she shared a video, alongside the caption, 'It's not just #williamandkate celebrating big baby news today!!! 👶😍❤ #royalbaby #holidaybaby'

However, the star was quick to admit that she wasn't actually expecting her third child - but that she'd gained a holiday 'food baby' instead.

Nadia began the short video by admitting, "So guys, after the most brilliant holiday out here in Spain, I've got some incredible news to share with you."

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She went on to joke, "I am with child", before admitting, "And we've already given her a name, and her name is gin and tonic, rose, paella. We're absolutely thrilled. I can already feel her kicking."

The camera then panned down towards Nadia's stomach, as she lovingly stroked her 'food and wine baby'. We've certainly all been there after an indulgent holiday!

The tounge-in-cheek video was seen by almost 100,000 of Nadia's Instagram followers, and plenty took to the comments section to share how hilarious the faux-annoucement was.

One wrote, 'Hahahaha love this hilarious🙌", while another agreed, "So funny!!! 🤣🤣🤣 that will be me in 2 weeks'

A third fan commented, 'Hilarious, what a lovely little food baby 👶🏻", and a fourth joked, "I totally believed you 😂'

Of course, 53-year-old Nadia already shares two children with her husband Mark, 15-year-old Maddie and 10-year-old Kiki.

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Earlier on in the week, TV personality Nadia Sawalha also shared a candid video on her social media, singing the praises of single parents, after experiencing it a little of it herself after holidaying without her husband.

She said, "I just want to say well bloody done to single parents. I'm just away on holiday and yet, it's really making me think, and feel it really keenly, what it must be like to be a single parents.

"It's not just the little things, having to get up early every single time, having to sort out everything on your own.

"But it's also the lovely moments when she says something funny, or cute, and I go to turn and talk about it, and you can't. You've just got to process everything on your own."

She continued, saying "I just don't know how you guys do it, and I think we just don't talk enough about how brilliant and tough a job it is."

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