Nadia Sawalha makes surprising divorce revelation following 'bickering' with husband Mark

Nadia Sawalha has always been open about sharing the parts of her private life that others may not want to discuss so honestly.

In fact, the Loose Women star is always being praised by fans for speaking up about her relatable, everyday problems - including everything from the menopause to miscarriage.

So when she recently joked about filing for divorce from her husband Mark Adderley, fans were happy to see the star sharing an honest account of married life.

On her Twitter account, Nadia shared a short clip from her podcast with her husband of 16 years.

The 40-second video opened with Mark sharing his opinion that when women ask their husbands or partners for help, "it isn't actually wanted".

The controversial comment sparked a heated reaction from Nadia, who said, "Excuse me, no, I'd quite like it."

Mark and Nadia then went on to bicker about him pulling hair out of the shower in their family bathroom, with Nadia admitting - "You can do it".

During the argument, Mark however stood firm that he'd done the rather unpleasant chore many times over the years - while Loose Women star Nadia shared her view that he had only done it for the first time six weeks ago.

The pair then continued to bicker over their respective chores - with Mark pointing out how often he cleans up the dog's mess instead.

The clip closed with Mark explaining how he always washes his own clothes too, saying "A lot of men don't wash any of their own clothes!" - a comment to which Nadia hilarious responded, "What do you want, a round of applause?"

Commenting on the clip, Nadia went on to joke about divorcing her husband for his comments.

She wrote, "😡😡It’s definite. We’re retitling the podcast “How Soon Can The Divorce Be Finalised!!” 😂😂😂 Anyone else bicker as much as we do? Please say yes just to make us feel better!!"

Nadia's fans couldn't agree more, with many saying they could relate to Nadia's thoughts on her hilarious bickering with her husband.

One wrote, 'My husband and I bicker like you. 32 years married ❤very much. My daughter watches you both. Reminds her of us.'

While another viewer said, 'Every woman can relate😉😊'.

A third fan commented, 'My husband and I always bicker you guys are not alone lol.', while a fourth said, 'Yes we do all the time 😂😂'

And another fan revealed, 'You're not alone there! I've never loved someone so much,and yet be infuriated at the same time! #MyOtherHalf 😀'

We have to say - we're sure there are plenty of people and couples out there who can relate! Can you?

Amy Hunt

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