Miranda Hart Reaches Out To 'Lonely' Fans on Valentine’s Day

Miranda Hart
Miranda Hart
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This Valentine's Day, actress Miranda Hart made it her mission to cheer up anyone who might be feeling a little down.

The hilarious comedienne took it upon herself to reach out to her Twitter followers, stating that she would be there all day to chat to people feeling alone and personally provide answers to any relationship woes her followers may have. The star also drew up a special 'Valentine's mission' that would help her followers to feel the love.

Miranda wrote, 'I don't know the full history of St Valentine but I do know it was a feast day to celebrate love and affection, not a commercial day to make anyone feel lesser, isolated or alone. So I shall be on twitter all day to chat to anyone feeling lonely. Please RT #Hartsvalentineday"

Ahead of the big day, she explained, 'So prepare questions, worries, ideas, and I shall impart wisdom where I can. But basically just know you are loved and not alone and we shall hang out and play. See you tomorrow. #Hartsvalentineday'.

Throughout the day, Miranda sent dozens of replies to fans, many of whom shared some with her their relationship woes.

One wrote, 'Thankyou Miranda....been single 9 years now...often wondered 'is there something wrong with me?'...but NO...just that something 'very special' has not yet come along... x'

To which Miranda replied, 'NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You have to accept that you are brilliant whether you are with someone or not. Someone being there is a bonus that's all. x'

The comedian also commented on another fan's post, who shared that she had been single for 14 years after dating a string of 'horrific me'.

She wrote, 'Doesn't matter how old you are! Just keep eyes and ears open for the fun loving people in your life and don't surround yourself with people you don't want to be with. Better to hang out with Netflix and a pizza!'

Fans of the 36-year-old loved the kind-hearted gesture. Many wrote to Miranda to share their thanks for her sweet messages, saying it was 'so kind' of her.

One wrote, 'TY [thank you] Miranda, you are so kind. Haven't seen anyone else of your caliber doing anything like this.'

Another follower said, 'I didn’t know I needed to hear this until I just did. Thanks Miranda #Hartsvalentineday'

While a third commented, 'Your tweets have been lovely and helpful today.'

During the day, Miranda also tweeted a list of funny tasks for her followers to complete. One required a fan to complete a 'public gallop', a signature Miranda move. And another asked that a follower 'give someone you don't know a flower'.

And it seems her followers were more than willing to take part, with Miranda sharing that all of the funny tasks had been completed.

She wrote, 'Between you all you have achieved all I asked you to! And given loads of love and fun to people. My work here is done. There is so much love out there. Look at my earlier timeline for the wisdom that came from the day. Heaps of love. #Hartsvalentineday let’s do this next year! X'

What a sweet gesture from one of Britain's best-loved comedians.

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