Michelle Should Have Been President Not Barack, Says Their Old University Professor

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  • Michelle Obama could reasonably be described as the most popular American First Lady to have graced the White House since the days of Jackie Kennedy. More than just a style icon (there’s no denying she ticked that box), Michelle won hearts worldwide – not just in the States – as she took the role of the semi-silent First Lady and transformed it, choosing to use her influential position in a positive way. Most obviously, she blended her skills as a gifted, honest and heartfelt communicator with her very public platform, opening up and encouraging conversation and action around issues that were close to her heart – Let Girls Learn being just one of many campaigns close to her heart.

    Michelle’s popularity is so great that even before the Obamas departed the White House, the hashtag #Michelle2020 was trending, as the public called for her to run for office as the next President. And it turns out the general public aren’t the only ones who think the former First Lady is up to the job. It has emerged that Charles Ogletree Jr, one of the professors who taught both Michelle and Barack at Harvard, thinks she would make a great POTUS – better even than Barack!

    In an interview with TMZ, the consitutional law professor tells how Barack was an excellent student who was incredibly keen to learn and always asking questions (in fact, he may have dominated discussions a little too much), but he then goes on to make a surprise statement: “You know, his wife should have been president.”

    Michelle graduated from Harvard Law the year that Barack enrolled, and they only met later when she was assigned as his mentor when he joined the legal firm that she worked for. This only reinforces Ogletree’s thoughts on the pair. Remembering them individually as students he says “he was good too, but she was better…” And we thought our parents and teachers weren’t meant to have favourites!

    The Professor continues by saying, “She could easily be President, but I don’t think she will.” This is a sentiment that seems to be being reflected by the Obamas themselves, with Michelle continuing to shut down any talk around this, stating that there are other ways to effect change in the world beyond being President of the United States. That kind of smart response really only makes us love her a little bit more. But still, Michelle – never say never, right?