Could Meghan Markle Be About To Leave Her Job For Prince Harry?

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  • They’ve been dating for just under a year now, and the pair regularly fly between countries to spend some quality time with one another. So it seems like the relationship between Prince Harry and girlfriend Megan Markle is getting serious.

    But could Meghan now be ready to make a bigger commitment to the young royal?

    It’s been revealed that the 35-year-old actress is reportedly asking the producer of her show Suits to have her character, Rachel Zane, written out of the hit law drama so that she can focus more of her time on her relationship with Prince Harry.

    Meghan is currently based on Toronto to film the series, which has been on he air since 2011. And, as we’re all aware, Harry’s home address is some 3,500 miles from there, at Kensington Palace – and its likely to be pretty impossible that the young royal is able to up ship and move to Toronto any time soon…

    Apparently, the actress is keen to make the move to the UK and settle down in London – aww, the things we do for love!

    However, it was revealed in December by one of the creators of the show Suits that none of the major characters in the programme would be about to leave the series, ensuring fans of the hit US drama that that was ‘certainly not’ happening in the near future. So could a move over the pond for Meghan be something that she’s planning in the long-term instead?

    Back in February the adorable couple were spotted out together for the first time since Harry confirmed their relationship in a statement issued by Kensington Palace. The two were later photographed holding hands after a London theatre date.

    Another sign that things were getting serious with the couple is the fact that Meghan was spotted with a gold ‘H’ ring on her hand recently – suggesting how committed she is to the Prince. 

    And although the duo might be getting more commited to one another than ever, there’s one important obstacle they’ll need to get over should they wish to seriously commit, and get married. According to royal law, Harry would have to ask for the Queen’s permission to propose to Meghan – and that can only happen after a formal introduction.

    And since it took Catherine Middleton four years before she received that honour, it’s probably safe to bet that the youngest royal couple won’t be looking to get married any time in the near future.