Meghan Markle Follows In Princess Diana’s Footsteps With ‘Secret Visits’ To Grenfell Tower Survivors

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  • Meghan Markle has proven that she’s keen to do all she can to help those in need, as it’s been revealed that she’s been undertaking secret visits to the survivors of Grenfell Tower.

    It’s been confirmed by royal sources that Prince Harry’s fiancée has undertaken a series of visits to see those affected by the tragic fire. It’s thought that Meghan Markle has been visiting in order to provide comfort to survivors.

    This touching move from Meghan Markle undoubtedly echoes gestures made by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. The Princess of Wales was seen on a number of occasions sneaking out of her Kensington Palace home, on secret visits to homeless shelters nearby.

    It’s said that Meghan makes her visits without Harry, but is flanked by a protection officer and a royal aide.

    Reportedly, the royal-to-be has also been undergoing the trips in order to learn more about UK communities in need. Sources confirmed yesterday, “Meghan has been regularly making private visits to organisations as she gets to know the UK charity sector.”

    Those affected by the Grenfell tragedy have also spoken about the former actresses undercover visits. One told the Mirror, “Meghan’s visits mean so much to us. She has a special place in our hearts.”

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    According to The Telegraph, on one of her secret trips Meghan paid a visit to the Al Manaar community mosque. The mosque is located just a few minutes from the remains of the tower. After the horrific fire, it was integral in supporting survivors, offering supplies and shelter to those left with nothing.

    It’s also a place that royal family members have previously visited, including the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Queen Elizabeth II also paid a visit to the mosque, shortly following the tragedy.

    Charities have previously spoken about how Meghan has drawn comparisons to Princess Diana with her charitable efforts. And, although she’s still early on in her royal career, it seems this latest gesture proves she could be well on her way.

    The Grenfell Tower fire back in June 2017 saw 71 people lose their lives, and countless more made homeless.

    The revelation comes hours after Prince Harry and Meghan announced new details about their May 19th wedding day.

    Meghan and Harry will undertake a short carriage ride of Windsor after becoming husband and wife. And the newlyweds will also enjoy a private reception, hosted by Prince Charles, that evening.

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