Mary Berry shares bizarre turkey hack for festive feast - and it involves an old sleeping bag

Mary Berry's turkey hack for creating the best possible Christmas feast has confused and delighted fans as the chef shares her quirky tips

Mary Berry's turkey hack for creating the best possible Christmas feast has confused and delighted fans as the chef shares her quirky tips
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Mary Berry's turkey hack for creating a perfectly succulent Christmas feast has been revealed - and people are divided by this quirky tip from the baker. 

As December 25th approaches, many have already nailed some of the best Christmas tree decorating ideas but, they are still trying to figure out the essential Christmas hosting tips so they can ensure the big day goes without a hitch. If you're hosting a big crowd this Christmas, you may want to hear Mary Berry's turkey hack that bizarrely involves a tatty old sleeping bag...

Dame Mary Berry, the former host of The Great British Bake Off, appeared with Nick Grimshaw and Angela Harnett on Waitrose’s podcast, Dish. During this podcast, the chef revealed her plans this Christmas with her family. "I really love Christmas and I’ve done a few Christmasses in my time," said Mary. "This Christmas we’re going to our daughter’s, (Annabel) and she’s said what we’re all doing - I’m doing the turkey."

The chef then spoke about how she cooks her perfect turkey. "I roast the turkey at home, and I’ve learned not to overcook it. So many times, even I have overcooked it," she said. "This time I’m cooking it without foil, I shall cover it with foil once it’s done, and then I shall put some tea towels over the top."

Mary then revealed her bizarre hack for ensuring the turkey is perfectly cooked. "I’ve got an old sleeping bag that’s got no zip and I put that over the top in the corner of the kitchen and then I shall take that in the back of the car to Annabel’s," she said


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"Why not!" said Mary when she was questioned about this unusual decision. "Once you take it [turkey] out of the oven, it goes on cooking,” Mary added. “And so you want to insulate that." The chef then added, "I shall pop it in the back of the car inside its sleeping bag and we’ll be having drinks and lots of jollity until we need to carve it."

While this hack may seem quite bizarre, some people can see the genius behind this trick and many have suggested that they will do the same thing to ensure that their turkey retains heat and moisture. 

When Mary's trick was discussed on ITV's Lorraine, Alison Hammond said she wanted to give it a go. "Obviously I’m going to wash the sleeping bag first, but I’m going to try this," she said. 

Mary Berry

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Mary Berry has a whole website dedicated to her Christmas recipes and has shared a number of tips about how to cook a perfect turkey. 

"I use a meat thermometer when cooking this as it helps to judge when the turkey is done. Cook it to an internal temperature of 75C-80C rather than the 90C suggested on the thermometer gauge, though. When working out when to put the turkey in the oven, allow at least 30 minutes resting time," said Mary. The chef also advises using fresh lemons and fresh sprigs of thyme to enhance the flavors of the turkey.  

With some fresh ingredients and an old sleeping bag, your turkey should be perfect this festive season!

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