Mary Berry Insists She'll Never Have Botox, And Talks Embracing Natural Beauty

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Mary Berry doesn't look a day over her 82 years, and the former host of the Great British Bake Off has continued to stun fans with her youthful appearance ever since making her debut on the BBC show seven years ago.

Speaking exclusively to Woman and Home magazine, the queen of cakes has spoken candidly about facing down pressure to go under the knife, and why she continues to insist that she will never change or alter her face to look younger.

Mary Berry spoke to us about her determination to age gracefully, saying she has "no wish" to have Botox.

She exclaimed, "I'm quite happy with my face; I've got loads of wrinkles!"

Berry continued, "I have no wish to have any Botox, or a facelift. Our surgeons are busy enough. Let them do proper jobs."

But she did admit that her advancing age hasn't gone unnoticed by her inquisitive grandchildren. She revealed, "My granddaughter was sitting on my lap looking at the area around my collarbones, which is a bit baggy and bony, and said, "Granny! You've got two holes!"'

In the past, Mary has been just as upfront and honest about preferring the age naturally and embrace her age. Speaking to The Express in 2014, she said, "There's no Botox, and there are no implants and no tucks and wrinkle smoothing."

And despite her flawless complexion, which appears to get smoother and brighter by the day, the veteran cook and baker revealed that she doesn't even rely on extravagant, expensive products to help her look her best.

She said, "I don't have any beauty regime, not at all. My routine is very simple. I have never used face creams. I just use one foundation, one powder, one lipstick and that's it. I don't want expensive make up. Why bother?"

Mary also applies the simple approach to her diet as well - and given her fabulous figure, it's clearly working for her. The star even said that she never rules any food out, including sugar.

She said, "Eating well is important, but I don't go in for sugar free diets,"

"You should have little bit of everything. I will always eat cake. I think it cheers you up. Have a small slice, not too often, and don't go back for seconds."

You don't need to tell us twice Mary!

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The baking star has, of course this week, seen the new Great British Bake Off premiere on Channel 4 for the first time without her.

Offering up advice to her replacement Prue Leith, Mary did apparently say that she advised, "Don't just follow Paul, don't stand behind Paul and agree with him, just be yourself and go for it".

Read the full interview with Mary Barry in the new issue of Woman & Home magazine, which is on sale now.

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