Martha Stewart made the most delicious lunch - but fans can't stop laughing about her tiny cheese pile

Martha certainly loaded on that caviar, though

Martha Stewart's tiny cheese pile
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Martha Stewart: makes elaborate and delicious lunch consisting of the most beautiful baked potato you've ever seen with a mound of caviar. 

Also Martha Stewart: includes tiniest ever pile of cheese to complement the potato. 

Happy birthday Martha!! At 82 years old, Martha is killing it, having accomplished so much throughout her long and happy life - and even in the last year alone has made some huge milestones, like being the oldest woman ever to appear on the swimsuit cover of Sports Illustrated. And seriously, we're still wondering how Martha gets her skin to look so good.

Only Martha Stewart, though, would be able to her fans giggle because of something as mundane as a pile of shredded cheese. 

On August 7, Martha posted a picture of a lovely lunch she gorgeously plated herself, which consisted of vegetables she grew herself in her garden. 

"Luncheon main course: huge russet potato baked and smashed topped with @blackdiamondcaviar , creme fraiche and chives, roasted beet salad , green beans and braised baby artichoke hearts. All from my garden!!!!!!!" she captioned the post. 

The entree, of course, looks amazing - who wouldn't get hungry looking at something so delicious and elaborate? With a huge mound of caviar atop her potato, as well as all of the fresh and colourful veggies she included, Martha truly made a lunch fit for a Queen. 

Fans couldn't help but notice, however, that the Food Network star accompanied her elements with what is truly the tiniest mound of cheese we've ever seen on the side of her plate - and its cracking fans up. 

martha steart behind a curtain

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"It’s the tiny pile of shredded cheese for me 👏," one fan commented under her post. 

"You forgot to say 1 gram of shredded cheese!" another fan commented. 

Other fans are pointing out the fact that Martha said everything on the plate was grown from her garden - and, obviously, she didn't mean everything because there is simply no way Martha is harvesting premium caviar in her garden. 

"Martha you got caviar growin in your garden? You really are so rich," one fan sarcastically commented. 

One fan stuck up for Martha though, praising her ability to create such a gorgeous meal. "You had me at “all grown in my garden”…and for the ding-dong comments about growing the caviar…you can’t fix stupid. Happy birthday!!" they commented. 

Martha is known for doing the most, so we're not really surprised at her lunchtime indulgence - after all, this is the same woman who got a blowout and haircut at the airport to "kill time" after her flight got delayed!

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