Who is Lorraine Kelly’s biggest inspiration? Find out in our new July issue…

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  • Wobbly Bits
    It’s never good when you stop dancing at Zumba and bits of you keep moving independently! I would love to have a flatter tummy and more toned arms, and there’s no one part of my body I look at and think is perfect. I guess my boobs have held up well, though, they’re quite perky. Steve seems to like them, anyway!

    Cosmetic Surgery
    I’d never have Botox or cosmetic surgery. 
I think if you do want to do that, that’s absolutely fine, but personally, I’ve done too many stories on women who’ve 
ended up looking like something out of Star Trek.

    I can’t be dealing with the idea that you’re not allowed this or you’re not allowed that. I just think, “Oh please, just relax.” I love pies, and I’d never deny myself one at half-time at the football. It’s a thing of joy, especially when you’re freezing and your team’s losing; it’s a wee bit of consolation.

    Women have worked hard for equality and I’d hate to see the pendulum swing back the other way. There have been 
a lot of women before us that were trailblazers and set a great example, and we’ve come a long way, but I don’t think we’re all 
the way there yet.

    If I had to name one woman I admire the most it would be Oprah Winfrey. I think she’s an astonishing role model and it just shows what you can achieve with hard work and goodness. I interviewed her back in November and I’m so glad that she was just as great as I thought she would be. She’s remarkable.

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