Lorraine Kelly Accuses Prince Harry’s Girlfriend, Meghan Markle, Of Making A Huge Mistake

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  • Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle stunned the world last week when she graced the cover of US magazine Vanity Fair, where she broke traditional royal protocol by divulging in the details of her year-long romance with the Prince.

    The actress spoke candidly about her relationship, marking the first time a royal boyfriend or girlfriend has been so open about their private life with a member of the royal family. In the interview, Meghan admitted to the world, “We’re a couple. We’re in love.”

    And while fans and the world’s media went wild for her honesty, some people were less than pleased about the surprising move – namely, one of the UK’s TV’s biggest names, Lorraine Kelly.

    The veteran TV presenter pulled no punches over criticising the Suits star for her candour, in her latest column for The Sun. Lorraine confessed her belief that the sheer honesty in the interview means that Meghan and Harry can no longer complain about not being granted privacy.

    In the critical piece, Lorraine wrote, “I reckon Prince Harry’s girlfriend has scored a spectacular own goal by invading her own privacy and adorning the front cover of Vanity Fair while trilling about how much they both love each other. She really can’t have it both ways.”

    Lorraine continued to point out Prince Harry’s impassioned pleas for privacy for Meghan early last year, and suggested that now, the pair don’t have a leg to stand on given how open Meghan has been about her royal relationship.

    She said, “I had a great deal of sympathy for Meghan Markle when, at the end of last year, Prince Harry was forced to ask the world’s media to give her a bit of privacy and leave them both in peace.

    “His pleas would have cut more ice if Meghan hadn’t then invited a glossy magazine into her Toronto home and happily chatted about her love life, as well as her career as one of the cast of TV show Suits.”

    Lorraine continued her damning critique of the actress, claiming that Meghan was likely to have been flattered to have been asked, and may have accepted the gig before considering her royal connections.

    She wrote, “Meghan didn’t have to do the photoshoot, but I can understand why she felt she couldn’t turn it down.

    Vanity Fair just doesn’t do covers on actresses who aren’t even playing the lead character in their TV show. The cover spot is for icons and A-listers, such as Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift and Princess Diana.

    “It must have been extremely flattering for Meghan to be courted by a publication with such kudos and influence. I hope she thinks that it has all been worth it.”

    She finished the interview with a prediction for the couple’s future, writing, “I still think, however, she has dropped a clanger with this interview. Sadly, it will now be open season on both of them once again.”

    Lorriane’s critique comes just days after rumours began circulating that Meghan and Harry would make their first official appearance as a couple at the Invictus Games in Toronto at the end of September.

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