‘Crikey!’: Lorraine Kelly flattered as she is voted top in this list of celebrities

It looks as though Lorraine Kelly has been made very happy, after being voted in the top ten list of celebrities we Brits would like to have as a celebrity neighbour.

The popular presenter tweeted about the Go Compare poll, which asked for the opinions of 2,000 people across the nation.

Fans couldn’t agree more, with one telling Lorraine, ‘And you would be a great neighbour too lovely’, while another also commented, ‘Lovely lady whom I wouldn’t mind as a neighbor x’.

She admitted, ‘Crikey, I’m in good company!’, referencing the other famous faces on the list.

So who did those surveyed say they’d love to live next door to, aside from Lorraine? Well, there are almost no surprises for who came in top.

Taking the number one spot is Sir David Attenborough, legendary wildlife TV presenter. With his relaxing, dulcet tones and his incomparable knowledge of all things nature we have to say, we definitely agree with this one.

Lorraine Kelly

Coming in second was former GBBO host Mary Berry. With the promise of freshly baked goods just next door, this would undoubtedly be a dream situation.

Third place was given to Stephen Fry, while popular singer Ed Sheeran won fourth place – well, who wouldn’t want to be seranaded over the garden fence?

It’s also no surprise that a few members of the royal family found themselves in the top 10 of Go Compare’s list.

Members of the British public placed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at number six in the list of people they’d love to have as neighbours – just behind Luther star Idris Elba.

Lorraine Kelly

Adele and actress Emma Watson came in at 7th and 8th, with Lorraine at number nine – and Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling rounding off the top 10.

In actual fact, Lorraine recently moved from her luxury home in Dundee to a smaller pad in Buckinghamshire.

Speaking to Wayfair, she revealed that the move to downsize came about after her daughter Rosie left home.

Lorraine said, “My husband and I have recently moved to a much smaller house as there’s only the two of us now.”

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