Fans react after yesterday’s Loose Women was ‘cut short’

Viewers watching Wednesday's episode of Loose Women were left confused, when it appeared that the daytime show was cut short by host Coleen Nolan.

The popular ITV programme was inundated with a flurry of disappointed comments from fans yesterday, when it looked as though an interview with Ian Huntley’s daughter and his ex Katie had been cut off.

Panellists including Janet Street-Porter, Coleen, Denise Van Outen and Linda Robson were talking to Samantha (Sammy) Bryan, Ian’s daughter, about her attempts to get in touch with the convicted murderer.

Towards the end of the interview, Janet addressed allegations that Ian, who is serving at least 40 years in prison, had been accused of rape. Janet addressed Samantha, asking, “Does that bother you now?”

However, Ian’s daughter was left unable to answer the question, with Coleen intervening to end the show.

She said, “Sorry, we’ve run out of time. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you Sammy and Katie for joining us. That’s it for today. Don’t miss tomorrow’s show where we’ll be joined by pop superstar Anastacia – see you then.”

Viewers were left confused by Coleen’s abrupt ending of the show, asking if  Janet’s question had deliberately meant the show was cut short.

One fan wrote on social media, ‘Was #loosewomen just pulled off air??’. While another also asked, ‘What just happened on loose women? Was Colleen told to cut that short? Looked that way! #loosewomen’.

Another said, ‘Cut it of quickly. Should of been on at the beginning’.

Some viewers however appeared to agree with the interview should have ended then, suggesting it was too sensitive a question to ask the guest.

However, a spokesperson for ITV stated to Digital Spy that the interview was not cut short due to the controversial question – but instead because of a ‘technical issue’.

They said, “Due to a technical issue at the end of today’s show, Janet’s last question overran and the guest was unable to answer in time. The show length was not altered and ended as standard at 1.23pm.”

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