Kirstie Alley's death announced by family as the Cheers star passes away aged 71

It has been revealed by Kirstie Alley's family that the star died on Monday, December 5, after being recently diagnosed with cancer

Kirstie Alley's death
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It has been announced by Kirstie Alley's children that the star has passed away at the age of 71 after a short struggle with cancer.

The statement on Kirstie's Instagram read, "To all our friends, far and wide around the world…We are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce and loving mother has passed away after a battle with cancer, only recently discovered."

Kirstie's children revealed that Kirstie was surrounded by her family when she passed and spoke about her 'never-ending joy'. "She was surrounded by her closest family and fought with great strength, leaving us with a certainty of her never-ending joy of living and whatever adventures lie ahead. As iconic as she was on screen, she was an even more amazing mother and grandmother," they said.

"Our mother’s zest and passion for life, her children, grandchildren and her many animals, not to mention her eternal joy of creating, were unparalleled and leave us inspired to live life to the fullest just as she did," the statement added.

True and Lillie then asked for privacy as they signed off the heartfelt message. "We thank you for your love and prayers and ask that you respect our privacy at this difficult time. With love always, True and Lillie Parker."

Following her death, her former co-stars have reached out to pay tribute. John Travolta said on Instagram, "Kirstie was one of the most special relationships I’ve ever had. I love you Kirstie. I know we will see each other again."

Kelsey Grammer told Variety: "I always believed grief for a public figure is a private matter, but I will say I loved her."

Jamie Lee Curtis wrote on social media, "I've just heard the sad news that Kirstie Alley has died. She was a great comic foil in @tvscreamqueens and a beautiful mama bear in her very real life. She helped me buy onesies for my family that year for Christmas. We agreed to disagree about some things but had a mutual respect and connection. Sad news."

"My heart breaks for Kirstie and her family. Whether it was her brilliance in “Cheers” or her magnetic performance in the “Look Who’s Talking” franchise, her smile was always infectious, her laugh was always contagious and her charisma was always iconic. RIP," said Josh Gad.

Kirstie Alley

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Kirstie starred in a number of television shows and movies throughout her decades long career. She was perhaps best known for her breakout role in the sitcom Cheers in which she played Rebecca How from 1978 to 1993. For this role, she received both an Emmy award and a Golden Globe in 1991.

For 10 years between 1997 and 2007, Kirstie also starred in Veronica's Closet as Veronica "Ronnie" Chase, the owner of a lingerie company in New York City. She also starred in; Drop Dead Gorgeous,  For Richer or Poorer, and Scream Queens.

The star appeared as herself in a number of reality TV shows and most recently in 2022, competed in the Masked Singer as the Baby Mammoth.

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