King Charles' Coronation plans rumored to feature all five of the Spice Girls and it's got us remembering that awkward moment between Charles and Geri

The Spice Girls are rumored to appear at King Charles' coronation later this year - but do you remember this awkward interaction in 1997?

The Spice Girls are rumored to appear at King Charles' coronation
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The Spice Girls are rumored to appear at King Charles' coronation which is set to take place in the Spring on Saturday, May 6, 2023.

The Spice Girls might be reuniting for one night and one night only for the King's coronation in May 2023. A source revealed to The Sun, " “Royal organisers are super keen to secure Britain’s biggest girl band and the Spice Girls are seriously pondering a return to the stage as a five-piece for such a historical event."

The insider suggested that this event would be just as iconic as the last time the girlband reunited previously in 2012 for the opening Olympics ceremony in London. "Certainly the reality is that the Coronation is as special as The Olympics - a one off celebration and unique performance," said the source.

"There is a general sense that a reunion could happen for something this significant. Mel B and Mel C are the ring leaders in the group, trying to make it happen."

Mel B also spoke to ET recently and hinted at a reunion, adding fuel to the rumors that they will reunite for the coronation. "I can’t tell you exactly, but there’s going to be something that is going to be announced pretty soon," said Mel B. "I am probably going to get told off. It is a project that we’re very excited about. It will be all five of us."

Spice Girls

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King Charles has actually met the Spice Girls before. Back in May 1997, the former Prince of Wales had an awkward interaction with the girl band at a charity concert in Manchester that was held in aid of the Prince's Trust.

The Prince went to meet the band and took turns having a brief conversation and a handshake with each member. Mel B and Geri flirted with the Prince and both kissed him on the cheek - leaving lipstick on the Prince's face. 

Mel C asked the Prince, "I want to ask you a question, can we come to dinner please?" Emma Bunton then asked after the young Prince William and Prince Harry but was then interrupted by Geri who had a disarming comment for the Prince.

Geri Halliwell told Prince Charles, 'I think you're very sexy'. Of course, Charles was extremely flustered and had no idea how to deal with the attention and rather looked uncomfortable as he quickly moved to speak to Mel B.

This isn't the only time that Charles has interacted with the Spice Girls, but it certainly is a fan-favorite moment as the confident band members chatted with the Prince 25 years ago. Fingers crossed the rumors are true and the five-some will once again be reunited to celebrate the new King at the coronation!

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