The Duke And Duchess of Cambridge Set To Make A Big Parenting Change After Sweden Visit

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently mid-way through their tour of Sweden and Norway, following two packed days of engagements and visits. On Wednesday night, the couple rounded off their tour of Sweden with an elegant evening reception, in order to observe the bond between the UK and Sweden.

And while learning about the local culture, the young couple have picked up some parenting tips along the way, and have suggested that there will be one big change in particular they will making when it comes to George and Charlotte, once back in the UK. 

William opened his speech by praising the Swedish commitment to outdoor activites, which is even more admirable when taking into account their bitterly cold weather. He said, “The Swedish love of the outdoors – the way you embrace your climate and environment and are committed to ensuring future generations can do the same; the fact that you do so when it is so cold is really inspiring.”

The Duke then went on to hint that it’s a valuable lesson he and Catherine will be teaching four-year-old George and two-year-old Charlotte.

He admitted, “One lesson that we will take home with us is that children are actively encouraged to spend time outdoors, whatever the weather.”

Lauding the benefits of outdoor activity, William continued, “This is obviously very good for their physical health but, as we learnt this morning at the remarkable Karolinska Institute, it has huge benefits for a child’s mental health as well.”

Mental health is of course a subject close to Catherine and William’s hearts following their recent ‘Heads Together’ mental health campaign.

It looks as though George and Charlotte could have a few chilly days ahead then!

While the two royal siblings likely spend more time inside than out, given the chilly winter weather in England at the moment, it’s thought that they do already enjoy a host of outdoor activities, including tennis and horse riding.

Catherine has previously spoken about Charlotte and George’s love of all things equestrian.

At an event last year, equestrian triple-gold medallist Natasha Baker said that the Duchess had shared how, “Charlotte is really enjoying her riding which is great to hear, and I said we may see her here on a line-up in 20 years time.”

At an event with the LTA, coach Sam Richardson also revealed that Catherine shared how George is showing a keen interest in tennis.

“She says with George just being four he wants to whack a ball, so she was asking what sort of stuff should she be doing. They will struggle at that age to hit a ball. She said he’s interested in it, but more in whacking the ball.”

Perhaps the two tiny royals will be spending much more time on these outdoor passions now that the Duke and Duchess have been made aware of the many benefits.