Kate Garraway reveals hilarious list of Piers Morgan’s backstage demands

Recently, Kate Garraway took on a task that not many would choose to do - that of being Piers Morgan's assistant for the day.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was challenged to the job as part of a mission with Smooth Radio to raise money for Global’s Make Some Noise, giving a voice to small charities across the UK.

During a 24 hour period, she took on a whole host of different jobs, getting as many done as possible in the time frame.

And what Kate discovered during her time as Piers’ assistant was pretty hilarious, as she shared his rather crazy list of diva demands backstage at GMB.

Writing as The Sun’s Guest Showbiz Editor – another of the jobs she was challenged with – the mum-of-two revealed that Piers is pretty picky about his tea, requiring it to be stirred 23 times anti-clockwise before drinking.

She also confessed how Piers needs all his mirrors polished so that he can see himself properly, and also likes someone to sit in his GMB presenting seat before he gets there to warm it up.

And the list of demands continued, with Kate revealing that she also had to reassure Piers’ long-suffering co-host Susanna Reid that she would be able to get a word in during the live show, and that she was also required to bring him his breakfast of porridge and honey whilst he ‘rewrites the show’.

Of course, the extensive list was likely written entirely in jest by Kate – who is well acquainted with Piers’ divisive personality. However, we can’t help but wonder if any of the jobs on the list are actually true…

During yesterday’s GMB, Piers actually admitted that Kate had done a pretty great job as his assistant. He confessed, “You know what you’re not bad, given that it’s your first go at it.

“Work for me for a few weeks and we’ll toughen you up as a proper office junior. You might get to like it Garraway.”

Clearly unconvinced, Kate then asked, “Oh, will I?!”, whilst ironing a pair of Piers’ underwear…

During the 24-hour challenge, Kate Garraway wowed her fans after completing a range of other jobs, including being a farmer, a street cleaner, a performer in West End musical Mamma Mia, and a barmaid in a pub. Phew – we’re exhausted just thinking about it.

Kate successfully completed the task however, and fans were amazed by her commitment and energy, with one writing, ‘Brilliant Kate..well done, great challenge completed in style!’. Another also agreed, saying, ‘Well done kate you done a fabulous job’.

Well done Kate, for likely raising a huge amount of money for a very worthwhile cause.

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