The brilliant advice Kate Garraway would give her younger self

She's one of the UK's most successful TV presenters, so it seems Kate Garraway knows a thing or two about success.

However, the 50-year-old is the first to confess that things weren't always so easy, admitting at a recent event that she'd tell her younger self not to worry so much.

Attending the Prince's Trust Awards on Tuesday, Kate shared with Hello! the valuable life lessons she'd share with her younger self, if she could.

She confessed that she's try not to sweat the small stuff - including her split ends!

Kate said, "It's funny because you think you'd say to your younger self, why were you worrying about things that actually, as you get older, you realise aren't important?

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"Not thinking that split ends were the end of the world, because it's going to get a lot worse! Teenage spots and split ends – tiny part of it!"she continued.

However, it seems Kate is thankful for all the learning curves she's been through - as they've all lead to her life today.

She admitted, "In every age of life there are things that trouble you and in a way, I feel like there are loads of things that I could have done better. But I'm not sure what I would change, because otherwise I wouldn't be where I am now."

At the prestigious event, Kate also met with Prince Charles - the founder of the Prince's Trust.

The presenter was quick to praise the future King, commending his dedicated involvement in the charity.

She said, "I met him before and he's very involved and I think it shows. It makes a difference to have his involvement."

And it seems Kate couldn't resist sharing a joke with the Prince at the star-studdent event at the London Palladium either.

On her Twitter, she shared that Prince Charles was in shock when she told him she used to wake up at 2am for her day job on Good Morning Britain. However, Kate was quick to quip back that that was surely the time Prince Charles got in from his nights out. And luckily, Kate's joke went down brilliantly with the royal...

She wrote, "#HRHPrinceCharles couldn’t believe I get up at 2.15a.m for @GMB - I teased “Isn’t that when you are usually coming in from clubbing?”. As you can see, he’s laughing with a twinkle in his eye. Although come to think about it - he didn’t deny it!!!??!!! #PrincesTrustAwards"

It looks as though Kate and His Royal Highness were getting on like a house on fire.

Amy Hunt
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