Karren Brady 'To Change Something, And Change It For The Better Are Two Different Things'

Karren Brady

To change something, and change it for the better are two different things. And boy, are things changing all the time. And I don't just mean changes that are happening both nationally and internationally.

We now have a female Prime Minister (yeah!) and Donald Trump is the President (OMG!). We are leaving the EU, and things are about to be a whole lot different in the world.

Change can be scary because even if you want change, uncertainty is unsettling, and frankly it's unnerving that we do not know if the changes that are happening in the world are for the better, or for the worse and only time will tell... and in the meantime, there's very little we can do except wait and see.

Personally, I like change. I am an instigator of change, but most of the changes I push for are in the world of business. Getting more women on boards, inspiring more women into the top jobs, pushing equality of pay into the forefront of people's minds. These are the changes I like. These are the changes I campaign for. These are changes I think I can help control and want to see happen.

These changes above all involve a different attitude, a move away from the "norm". I want to live in the world where there are no stereotype jobs for the boys, and jobs for the girls. I want women engineers, astronauts, scientists, inventors to be the norm - and let's face it, this will happen as the "norm" has changed a lot over the past few decades, and not just in attitudes to women in work.

We live in a world where it's normal for women to have babies much later in life as they also want a career, where marriage between same-sex couples is celebrated and there is no such thing as the age of retirement. Indeed many people never retire! The shifting sands of change are everywhere because all the old certainties of time are changing.

This is when our friends and family become even more important, providing a much- needed backdrop and constant for us and somehow things never change.

My daughter, even though she is now 20 and in full-time work, still won't make her own bed! My son, now 18, still uses the floor as a wardrobe. My mother is still cooking for us all at the weekends as I am always working (no change there!) and my dad is still putting the world to rights!

But despite the uncertainty of change I think us women handle change both in our own lives and on a wider scale so well. We don't know what lies ahead but we are good at seizing positives and seeing opportunities.

I predict a lot more changes in the future for us all, and I suspect there will be far more positives than negatives! I cannot run away from these type of changes, I know they are inevitable. Change happens and we just have to go with it, even if we don't like it. The kids will grow up. I will get old. Heaven forbid, one day I will have to retire. And even if I don't want to do any of those things... they are going to happen anyway! This is life.