Judi Dench left "speechless" by her new Borneo documentary

Judi Dench

Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure sees the 84-year-old actress taking a break from the big screen, as she visits the world’s third largest island.

The two-part ITV documentary follows Dame Judi Dench exploring rainforests, witnessing majestic wildlife, and spending some quality time with nature.

Borneo is the largest island in Asia, and boasts the world’s oldest rainforests which Judi describes as "taking her breath away".

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“It’s not like anything I’ve ever experienced before,” the actress admitted, as she took in her surroundings and brought viewers along with her.

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In this short clip shared by ITV, fans get a taste of what Borneo is like. We see a variety of wild animals such as monkeys and birds, and trees that tower above Judi. It’s majestic to look at on a screen, so we can only imagine how gorgeous it must be in real life.

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Judi was even hoisted up a 250ft tree, which must’ve been a terrifying experience. When asked what it was like being up that high, the Dame gave a casual and funny answer that was simply, “it was tall.”

She was accompanied by conservationist David Mills, who she has been dating since 2010. You’ll never hear her calling him ‘her partner’ though, and Jusi has admitted she'll never have a husband again.

They stayed in Gaya Island Resort, an eco-friendly hotel on the island. It’s seriously beautiful too.

Judi Dench

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The dame got a chance to be up close to a range of animals, saying “In two weeks, we met orang-utans, elephants, crocodiles, dung beetles, moths, macaque monkeys. It was like an enormous dinner with endless courses of wonderful things”

Judi recalled one experience with a group of orphaned bull elephants, who were “like joshing boys pushing each other, falling into the muddy water”.

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“A small elephant came up to me and I was told, ‘Don’t worry, he’ll take it from your hand’. Well, he scoffed it.” Judi admitted.

Speaking about her time on the island, Judi added “I’ve been to a lot of places in the world, but I’ve never been to anywhere like that, it’s wildly beyond your imagination.”

Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure is available on catch up via ITV Hub.

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