James Martin reveals the reason why he’ll never join The Great British Bake Off

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  • James Martin has left no stone unturned as a presenter.

    He famously hosted Saturday Kitchen for 10 years until his shock exit in 2016, has also hosted several food travel programmes, and now is the host of James Martin’s Saturday Morning on ITV.

    However, it seems as though there is one show James may never be a part of: The Great British Bake Off.

    Speaking to The Express, James explained that he has no desire to get involved with the much-loved baking show.

    Asked if he would ever consider it, the Yorkshire man said: “I think Bake Off’s a tradition, it’s a show. Its format is an entertainment show.

    “I like cooking shows, that’s what I do. I’m there to teach you.”

    He went onto explain that the format of the show isn’t the right fit for him,

    “[Great British Bake Off] is an entertainment format and it’s a bit like the Masterchef thing – it’s what they are, it’s what they’re focused at.

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    “That’s what they’re there to do, which is fine, but I like to be able to take people out and venture around the world and say, ‘Look at this, this is really special come here’.”

    “It doesn’t have to be with food, it can be the travelling, anything else. So yeah, I’m going to be doing that now.”

    James previously revealed that a shock experience left him to reassess his work/life balance, talking to the Loose Women, he said,

    “I was doing a gig abroad and I was chatting to a gentleman the same age as me. Same work ethic, really keen on work. He went out on stage literally five minutes after I spoke to him to present an award. And he was dead before he hit the floor.”

    He admitted that the incident hit him hard, but it also provided him with the clarity he needed to take a step back from his hectic work schedule.

    “I got back on the plane and thought, now I’m going to readdress the balance.”

    On his exit from Saturday Kitchen, he said, “Work was a fundamental reason. I hadn’t had a day off for several years, or two days off together for nearly three years.”

    Whether it’s on Bake Off or otherwise, we love seeing James on our screens.

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