James Martin urged by fans to change careers after he shows off 'amazing' new skills on This Morning

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James Martin has built a very successful career as a TV chef, but now fans are urging him to become an gardening expert following a recent This Morning appearance.

While James is very used to the cameras, he confessed he was ‘nervous’ ahead of a recent appearance on This Morning as he swapped cooking for gardening.

‘Wow, thanks for all the amazing messages from today’s gardening slot on This Morning. To be honest I was nervous doing it, felt like the first time on tv cooking! Enjoy home grown’, he wrote alongside pictures of his gorgeous garden following the new segment.

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His gardening expertise was very well-received by viewers, who even urged James to branch out and release a book and a TV show combining his cooking and gardening skills.

One wrote, 'So jealous of your beautiful garden and greenhouse. Are you self sufficient? Looks like with the abundance of fabulous fruit and veg. You should do more gardening slots. You know your stuff. Watch out titchmarsh.'

'James your garden is looking amazing! I’ve been watching you on the food channel as well, it’s when you started on your garden, shows how far and how hard you have worked on it! You should be very proud of it!', another said.

A third added, 'Have you ever thought about doing a garden book which has recipes'; while a fourth wrote, 'Thanks James.. interesting information! I can see a new tv series on its way😎👏'.

Like many Brits up and down the country, James has been exploring his gardening abilities during lockdown.

Last month, he shared a before and after of the vegetables and herbs he had plant just a few weeks before, in the greenhouse on his garden.

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James has also been busy helping his community during the pandemic, by making huge batches of fresh pasta and giving them away to people in his village.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he revealed he cooked 3,000 bags of pasta and gave them to people in his village.

“I grabbed a big pasta machine, we’ve got this big industrial pasta machine, brought it back to my house and because we’ve got a bakery I grabbed whatever flour I could, whatever eggs I could, whatever semolina flour I could and rather than just deliver 25 kilo bags of flour, I thought I’d transform it into stuff”, he said.

We look forward to seeing more of James' gardening skills very soon!

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