Is This The Surest Sign Yet That Meghan Markle Is Moving To London To Be With Prince Harry?

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  • It’s been rumoured for months now that Suits actress Meghan Markle is planning to make the move over to the UK, to be with boyfriend Prince Harry.

    Meghan currently lives in Toronto, where she also films her hit US series Suits. Of course, up until now, it’s meant that Meghan and Harry have been in a long-distance relationship, with each of them flying over to see the other whenever they can.

    But according to The Sun, Meghan has now made a huge decision about her future with the Prince, that suggests she may very soon be looking to make the big move over to London.

    Reportedly, Meghan is now in the process of moving her two beloved dogs, beagle Guy and Labrador/shepherd mix Bogart to the UK.

    Reportedly, Meghan is “very close” to her dogs, so the fact that she’s planning on moving them over to the UK is perhaps one of the surest signs yet that she too is planning to move to England for good to be with Prince Harry.

    A source said, “She is very close to those two dogs. She lets them sleep on her bed and they eat only the highest quality organic food.”


    “She misses them when she is away and will even get someone to FaceTime her with them.

    “The fact she’s started the process of moving them to England is the clearest hint yet that she sees her future living in London with Harry.”


    To move a dog to another country is a slightly complicated process. Dogs moving often require vaccinations up to six months before they actually leave. Pets also need their own passport, a rabies blood test, and must often complete six months in quarantine before moving.

    However, pets coming from Canada to the UK often don’t need to be quarantined, as the risk of rabies in both countries is considered low.

    The news comes amid building rumours that Meghan is currently negotiating her exit from her job in legal drama Suits.


    Speculation has circulated for weeks that she and co-star Patrick J Adams, who plays Mike, are leaving the series following its seventh season, with Meghan focusing on her future with Harry and Patrick keen to spend more time with his family.

    Watch this space!