Is this just the beginning of Andy Murray’s grand-slam winning career?… Today’s Debate

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  • What a fantastic summer it has been for British sport, and just as we thought it couldn’t get any better Andy Murray sailed to victory in the US Open in

    New York to become the first British man to win a grand slam title since 1936!
    At last, ‘doing a Henman‘ has become a thing of the past. Andy has finally overcome the looming

    failures of British men’s tennis to propel himself to the top spot on the world rankings – and we couldn’t think of any player who deserves it more.

    It’s been a tumultuous journey for the British number 1, to say the least. But Andy has risen like a phoenix from his heartbreaking Wimbledon final defeat to scoop two Olympic medals including triumph over Roger Federer in the men’s singles – no doubt the final push he needed to fire himself towards this latest victory.

    Having collected so many titles this summer, surely Andy is hungry for more? Could this be the beginning of a glittering, grand-slam winning career for the Scottish wonder?

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