Is it impossible to enjoy a home cooked, family meal every day?… Today’s Debate

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  • Haven’t we all wished there were more hours in the day? Even so, it still comes as a surprise that the average Briton now spends just 38 minutes cooking dinner. That’s 22 minutes less than in 1980 and 62 minutes less than in 1960!
    It’s true – life does seem to be much busier nowadays. And let’s be honest, we’ve all been tempted to make a grab for the cooking sauces at some point. Given the pressures of modern life, surely we can’t be expected to make a meal from scratch every night?
    On the other hand, what a travesty it would be if we lost the art of real, home cooking! Surely we should be able to make the time for important things like that, even if it is only once or twice a week.
    What do you think? Are we really too busy to spend time cooking nowadays? Or have modern conveniences allowed us to become lazy sometimes?
    Perhaps your family still enjoys a home cooked meal most nights – or maybe not?  Tell us what your set-up is in our forums now or in the comments box below.

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