I'm a Celebrity fans sickened by Jessica Plummer and Shane Richie's 'revolting' Bushtucker trial

I'm a Celebrity fans couldn't believe what they were watching

I'm a Celebrity
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I'm a Celebrity fans were disgusted by Wednesday night's Bushtucker trial, which saw EastEnders stars Jessica Plummer and Shane Richie drink blended chicken feet, vomit fruit and fish eyes.

Jessica continually gagged and almost spat her smoothies over Declan Donnelly as she downed the stomach-churning concoctions while taking part in Sickening Stalls with Shane.

Preparing herself for the daunting task ahead, Jessica jokily said: "The cups are getting bigger and bigger!"

Urging herself on, Jessica said: "Don't smell it, just drink it really really quickly and my water is on the side."

While Jessica and Shane managed to keep the gross smoothies down – Jessica did throw up after drinking her final one – viewers at home were almost bringing up their dinners.

Taking to Twitter to comment on the trial, one wrote: "Nope. Had to switch over before I puked. Nope, no, uh-uh. #ImACeleb #imacelebrity."

Another said: "Eew this is actually revolting!" A third added: "That is the worst ever #imacelebrity."

A fourth wrote: "How do we sit as a nation and watch this? Very disturbing #imacelebrity."

It was all worth it though as the pair took 12 stars back to camp.

Jessica and Shane's trial comes after former co-host Holly Willoughby was blamed for turning I'm A Celebrity into a "soft" show by her This Morning co-star Phillip Schofield.

Holly presented the jungle favourite alongside Dec in 2018, when usual co-host Ant took the year off to focus on his recovery from prescription drugs and alcohol addiction.

Discussing the show on Tuesday's This Morning, Phillip suggested that Ant and Dec now guide the celebrities through their Bushtucker trials because it's what Holly did during her stint on the show.

"I think the help sort of crept in when you were there," Phillip told her.

Holly, 39, squealed: "Oh, you're blaming me? How is this my fault?"

Phillip explained: "I think you changed the dynamic because it had always been the two guys who were little but quite tough, and then suddenly in you go, softer heart, helping people.

"Now, I’ve got a feeling that they've thought: 'Let’s do it like that for a bit.’"

Holly giggled: "I can't possibly comment. I don't know what you're talking about."

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