How to watch Back in the Groove, the unmissable new age gap dating show inspired by the iconic How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Taye Diggs hosts Back in the Groove, Hulu’s new dating show inspired by the movie he originally starred in

Back in the Groove is a new unmissable age gap dating show
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Three women - all in their 40s, all in a slump - will be getting back into the groove thanks to Hulu’s new dating show.

If it sounds a little familiar, it’s because the series is inspired by Angela Bassett’s iconic How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

The 1998 American romantic classic focused on successful stock broker Stella (Angela) who was so busy turning her life into a professional success that she'd forgotten to really live. A trip to Jamaica turns into a voyage of self discovery as Stella found love and self-confidence – partly down to a fling with a man 20 years her junior (Taye Diggs, in his movie debut).

Back to Back in the Groove. This model is replicated with three real life women who are taken from the monotony of their everyday lives and checked into The Groove Hotel, a magical resort on the heavenly island of the Dominican Republic.

While the women are aged between 41 and 43, the men they will strike up friendships and flirtations with are… a bit younger.

The youngest man on the show is just 22, while the eldest are 31.

In the movie, Taye Diggs was the young beefcake who helped Angela Bassett rediscover her confidence and her sexuality, and now the man is back to host the new Hulu dating series.

Taye Diggs helped Stella get her groove back, now he's doing the same for three more women

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Who is in the Back in the Groove cast?

The show will revolve around three women in their 40s who will have a whole host of younger men to choose from.


Sparkle is a 43-year-old from Atlanta. She is a beauty entrepreneur and media personality.


Steph, a 41-year-old from Miami. She is an actress, singer, entrepreneur, and mom.


Brooke is a 42-year-old from Los Angeles. She’s a personal trainer.

The men are…

  • Akio, 29, from Miami
  • Billy, 28, from New York City
  • Cru, 30, from Provo, Utah
  • Diogo, 28, from Los Angeles
  • Domonic, 29, from Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Enrico, 29, from New York City
  • Gary, 30, from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Giuseppe, 29, from Las Vegas
  • Gregg, 31, from Los Angeles and Phoenix
  • Hunter, 26, from Tucson
  • Josh Taylor, 24, from Cape Town, South Africa, and Miami
  • Josh Teasley, 31, from Los Angeles
  • Lee, 27, from Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Leroy, 28, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Luis, 28, from Miami
  • Matt B., 30, from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Matt F., 28, from Atlanta
  • Mike, 25, from Los Angeles
  • Quentin, 29, from Atlanta
  • Remy, 27, from Indianapolis
  • Robert, 28, from Cranston, Rhode Island
  • Steven, 22, from Miami
  • Tashi, 32, from San Francisco
  • Tate, 25, from San Antonio, Texas

The men hoping to get the three cougars back in the groove

(Image credit: Hulu)

How many episodes are there?

There are eight episodes in the first season, all available to stream now. The season dropped on Monday, December 5. 

It isn’t yet known if there’ll be more seasons.

How to watch Back in the Groove from anywhere in the world

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