How The Duchess Of Cambridge Will Break Tradition If She Becomes Queen

Though not herself from nobility, as the wife of Prince William the Duchess of Cambridge could in time become Queen.

When the couple married back in 2011, in a fairytail wedding watched by millions across the world, Kate became the Duchess of Cambridge.

The couple have two children together, Prince George, 4, and two-year-old Princess Charlotte. The Duchess is also expecting her third child with Prince William who is due Spring 2018.

With Prince William second in line to the throne, Catherine would become Queen if he were crowned King.

If this were to happen, she would break royal tradition in a very special way. Kate would be the most highly educated Queen in the history of the British monarchy.

The Duchess met William while studying History of Art at St Andrews University. William did in fact break royal tradition by going to St Andrews, as royals had previously chosen Oxford or Cambridge. Thank goodness he didn’t otherwise he and Catherine might never have crossed paths!

If William was crowned King, Kate would become Queen Catherine and would be the only female British monarch to hold a degree.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Kate has broken royal tradition. When she married William aged 29 she was the oldest bride to walk down the aisle in British history.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also break certain protocols when it comes to their children. For instance, the family of four, soon to be five, should never travel together on the same plane for international trips.

However, during the Cambridge’s royal tour to Poland and Germany they all took the same flight.

Prince George’s school also marks a significant departure from tradition because it is mixed, male and female, attendance.

What do you make of the Cambridge’s habit of breaking tradition? Is it a sign that the royal family is modernising? Or should Kate and Wills try harder to stick with the protocols?

Apester Lazyload